”Seeing the World through Coffee.” Macchinesti sources the highest quality coffees from around the world from small batch farmers growing organic specialty coffee by hand, telling the story of each cup of coffee they serve.

Specializing in direct trade relationships, Macchinesti curates a selection of craft coffee from around the world. More than the certifications they uphold like Fair Trade, organic, and Rainforest Alliance certified heirloom coffee, Macchinesti cares most about bringing the highest quality coffee to their customers.

How did you first get into roasting?
After being a barista for 15 years, we decided to start roasting ourselves at Macchinesti 3 years ago.

What do you like most about roasting?
Pursuing the fleeting momentwhere you hit the sweet spot of bringing out the flavors of a particular origin.

What is the secret to roasting great coffee?
The careful process of gathering great coffee,technique, and the amazing support of the Macchinesti team.


Hours:12:00 ~ 20:30

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