Originally a wine merchant, Takamura Wine & Coffee Roasters recently expanded into coffee with it’s purchase of a 30kg Loring smart roaster. A converted warehouse showcases their bottomless wine collection, roaster, and coffee bar, sometimes even hosting national coffee competitions.

Interview with Hiroyasu Fujiyama

How did you first get into roasting?

I wanted to really know coffee and started exploring the origin of coffee flavor in roasting.

What do you like most about roasting? 
The crackle of the bean roasting. Also imagining a flavor profile and sucessfully replicating it through roasting is very satisfying.

What is the secret to a great roast?
In a nutshell, trial and error. Also unraveling the roast profile and cupping.


Hours: 11:00 – 19:00, closed Wednesdays
Phone: 06-6443-3519
Address: Osaka Nishi-ku Edobori 2-2-18

5 minute walk from Nakanoshima Station

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